Where are you at with god this week?

There are some questions in life

                               that deserve reflection.

Our work is deep and powerful inquiry...

It's an ongoing quest to get deeper and deeper 

into the knowing of our true nature.

What do you do to keep your faith strong?

Our spiritual life is meant to be a highly engaging, very powerful and wonderful, yet many of us have had moments that challenged our faith.  Whether we were raised in constricting systems, have information overload or have had a faith crisis.  It can be a lonely path to find your way back to a strong faith.

The world is a place in which many people don’t have anyone to talk to about the difficult situations they encounter leaving you spinning around with big questions like:

  • What should I do when I don’t believe in the things I did before?
  • What does it mean to believe anyways?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Is there really such a thing as life or is this all a simulated reality?
  • Do I have a life purpose?
  • Why doesn't life feel like it has meaning anymore?
  • Why would God let ..... happen?
  • Why do good people die.
  • Why does anybody die?
  • Why am I here?

Spiritual direction is for those who want to go deeper in their faith journey.

The Major Benefits of Spiritual Direction

Increase your Spiritual Depth

Training, studying and preaching will only take you so far into the mystic.  

See Your
Faith Through New Eyes

We all have blindspots and spiritual direction will show them and unravel them faster.

A Spiritual Director Can Help You Deal with Life's Spiritual Challenges

Spiritual companionship is a relationship in which a companion allows through deep listening the spiritual story of the other to unfurl. Through this relationship, the person seeking companionship is empowered to explore a deeper relationship with God, Allah, Tao, The Universe, or however you may refer to the Ground of All Being, Creator.

Words from My Clients

Great active listening skills

My sessions with Victor often started with very vague ideas, or the feeling that something was not quite right. With Victor’s great active listening skills, I was able to identify my issues, and without giving me solutions, Victor’s questions and subtle guidance were the catalyst to finding my own solutions. Victor also brought discipline to these self-discovery sessions; each session had to result in an action plan. Victor is excellent at highlighting strengths and opportunities for development; he has helped not only by professional life but my personal as well.

Diane Lavigne

A solid committed coach who pushes your limits while respecting them.

Vic is a solid committed coach who pushes your limits while respecting them. He creates a safe environment for exploring feedback honestly by being non-judgmental, trusting of my judgment/interpretation, agenda free, sincere and authentic. He’s great at reflecting strengths, and highlights your opportunities for growth. This has been of great value in empowering me to embrace becoming a better leader.

Anna Diedricksen

Enabled me to change my values from chains to reins.

Our journey started with me stuck at a crossroad. I needed to make some decisions and our conversations regarding values proved invaluable, since once I allowed my values to guide me, decisions followed easily…. Coaching was tremendously valuable and rewarding to me. The value was in self-discovery which enabled me to change my values from chains to reins.

IT Manager

A gift for getting to the core of anything they bring to him

Coaching is in Vic’s heart and soul. He has a natural ability to connect quickly and deeply with the people he coaches and has a gift for getting to the core of anything they bring to him. Vic’s special blend of gentle humour, powerful questions and direct, yet compassionate truth telling, provides a fertile ground for new ideas, awarenesses and creative problem solving to grow from the people he coaches.

Amy Ruppert
Chief Learning Officer, Coaching Out of the Box

How did Victor get into this work? 

I very much believe that we get into certain professions because there's an itch we want to scratch. People go into social work because they were abused. Now they're helping people who are suffering. People go into psychology because their parents were maniacs. That was me. None of life made sense to me when I was a kid.  I didn't understand why it all happened, and what it all meant. I'm still trying to figure that out.

It's been a lifelong search. I very much grew up as a questioner. 

My parents encouraged us to think about our faith. I started off with a fairly fundamentalist Mennonite background and later went to Bible college to figure out how to become a pastor.  I completed my master's degree in comparative religion and I learned more questions than answers. I lost my connection to faith.

I went deep into agnosticism for a while. The meaning of everything is 42.
I worked as an IT teacher and then manager.  Later as I was changing jobs I was exposed to coaching and I dove deep into it.

Since then I've worked with many high powered executives to help them achieve their goals faster.  Starting to study supervision was a natural extension of his desire to delve into the true causes of issues and the space of vulnerable inquiry that transformation requires. 

I have also completed these other training programs: 

  • Masters in Coaching from Royal Roads,
  • Coaching Out of the Box
  • Other Training Courses
  • It Starts With Why Simon Sineck

Who Should Use Spiritual Direction?

  • Pastors seeking to deepen their connection
  • Members of congregations who are having challenges with their faith journey
  • Want to deepen your faith 
  • Pastors wondering if they are in the right profession, thinking about giving up
  • If what you  beleive isnt working for you
  • trying to make sense of 
  • how to figure out if crapy things are happening for you
  • why do good people die
  • why does anyone die
  • Those who's job is supporting those who are dying
  • Those who are working on their faith as an active work
  • how does what I do make a difference in my spiritual path?

Who has influenced your faith?

I lean heavily towards where Richard Rohr is coming in from with Franciscan tradition because he's got a real emphasis on the union between contemplation and action.

There is a tendency for people who are activists come from an angry place and that energy isn't going to end up really creating the kind of change that we want.

For example, if you spend most of your time alone and then you get in disagreements of opinion with others that totally unsettle you. You clearly need to work more on the integration of contemplation and action. 

On the other hand if you decide that you know that becoming better human being means to sit around on a mat the rest of your life, you may be missing the opportunity to really live your talk.

The sitting on the mat creates good internal changes but can they survive contact with reality? Do those spiritual beliefs survive? Can you can you bring them to the real world? That is part of the work that I do with people through spiritual direction and coaching.

One of the other teachers who has really influenced me is Ken Wilber.  He has an integral approach to life and spirituality. What you believe has to be applicable to what you do.

So you won't actually feel like you are being joyful and loving unless what you're doing matches what you believe and vice versa.

I also like Fred Coffins work on conscious business because he talks about how you can directly translate what you think is the right thing to do and to make it practical at work.

Many people would believe something like say the Sermon on the Mount is impressive but impractical in daily life. I think it's intensely practical. It may not match the world's idea of practical but if I'm willing to live in accordance with good spiritual values like “God is love” and I act like a jerk, then I’m not applying those values very well.  

There has to be some union between the two worlds. 

I hear from people in the church “When I die, then it's all going to be good.”  Nope.  It needs to feel good now. Richard Rohr has a saying, “Your life practice for heaven.”

You don't suddenly arrive and then you're different. 

I'm an enneagram type eight and that matters to some people. I have a metaphorical 2x4 up my sleeve and I will use it if you need a quick wakeup. I appreciate that kind of tough love when I’m being coached or someone sees a blind spot. I love it when I get called out for my bullshit.

What do you believe?

I recognize a fundamental belief underneath all forms of faith.  I believe we're all going into the same place. If you are on a Buddhist path, Christian, Wicca, even a Satanist or Agnostic path, if you take it as far as you possibly can, you will all end up in the same realization about truth, meaning and purpose.

Our experience of humanity is to remember our divinity and then live it.

My background is primarily with Christianity.  I firmly believe that Jesus showed us how to be divine by being the best human possible.   and people have always been one of the things that makes me unique would be that people in the past and Christian traditions have tried to become more Christ like by becoming more godlike, more divine or becoming mystical.  The way I look at it our mystical divine is a given. We need to work to become better humans.

The best way to get a spiritual director is through a referral

If you’re here on the website and like what you’ve seen so far:

  1. Fill out this form to apply to work with me and I’ll take a look at it. 
  2. We’ll send a couple emails back and forth to answer any questions
  3. We will arrange a chat to see if we're a good fit for working together. 

Then generally our work together looks like a weekly session that is 90 minutes long. You will be  working on your spiritual growth during the week and our time together is an opportunity to reflect, gain insight and engage in active conversation around what you are noticing.

How much will this cost?

I love spiritual direction and I offer this service on a sliding scale. I generally suggest you pay me the same rate you get paid. The minimum is $50/hour CAD.

Once we’ve decided we are a great fit to work together you will pay for a series of weekly sessions.  Most common is six months in advance, however if you need a special arrangement please let me know and we will work to figure it out.

You want to deepen on your spiritual path.  

I'm here to journey with you as you figure that out. 

Ready to Create Meaningful Change?

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