The need to achieve is hard wired into you.  
It's what's made you so successful.

You're incredibly good at your job.  
Your work is a huge responsibility.

If you are bumping into problems,
whether that's at home, at work or personally
what you've been doing is not what you need
to get to the NEXT level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

A great executive coaching relationship can help you see your blind spots and find even bigger success and true fulfillment. 

Victor Harder - Executive Coach

Victor Harder - Executive Coach

Our work is deep self inquiry for executives
to find out where they are holding themselves back,
and how they can better serve

their whole lives with excellence. 

The Major Benefits of Executive Coaching

Increase your Mastery

Skills Training, Manager training and meeting the deadline will only take you so far. Especially for the experienced C-level who's already so good at what they do.

See Your
Blind Spots

Your very success could be the thing that's holding you back from what you really want.

We work on a high level to help you see what you need to do next that you can't think of while you are in the trenches at work.

Get Real Time Feedback

Manager Issues? Workers who REALLY suck? Not sure how to fire someone without being a jerk. Or your home life is a shambles...

Executive coaching will help you get to the bottom of it, and find harmony in ALL your relationships.

Unravel Troublesome Patterns

Ever had the same issue  come up over and over again?  With executive coaching we have a simple series of questions to help you figure out why, and how to unstuck ALL of them.

What do you do when your Leadership Skills aren't enough? 

Leadership by design requires a very specific kind of person.  You're likely a highly focused, very powerful and persuasive human being.  It can be lonely at the top.  Executive coaching is effective form of relationship that gives you a space to be uncertain.  A place to explore issues that no one else can see.  I operate in strict confidentiality with all of my clients which means I will never talk with anyone about what you share with me.  This allows you to talk openly about the difficult situations you encounter or the recurring themes they find in your workplace.

What My Clients Are Saying

Great active listening skills

My sessions with Victor often started with very vague ideas, or the feeling that something was not quite right. With Victor’s great active listening skills, I was able to identify my issues, and without giving me solutions, Victor’s questions and subtle guidance were the catalyst to finding my own solutions. Victor also brought discipline to these self-discovery sessions; each session had to result in an action plan. Victor is excellent at highlighting strengths and opportunities for development; he has helped not only by professional life but my personal as well.

Diane Lavigne

A solid committed coach who pushes your limits while respecting them.

Vic is a solid committed coach who pushes your limits while respecting them. He creates a safe environment for exploring feedback honestly by being non-judgmental, trusting of my judgment/interpretation, agenda free, sincere and authentic. He’s great at reflecting strengths, and highlights your opportunities for growth. This has been of great value in empowering me to embrace becoming a better leader.

Anna Diedricksen

A gift for getting to the core of anything they bring to him

Coaching is in Vic’s heart and soul. He has a natural ability to connect quickly and deeply with the people he coaches and has a gift for getting to the core of anything they bring to him. Vic’s special blend of gentle humour, powerful questions and direct, yet compassionate truth telling, provides a fertile ground for new ideas, awarenesses and creative problem solving to grow from the people he coaches.

Amy Ruppert ... Chief Learning Officer, Coaching Out of the Box

Who Is Victor Harder?

Victor has been involved in the improvement of people for over 30 years.

With a background in IT Management, and Leadership he started his coaching career in 2009 after experiencing the power of being coached himself.  Since then he's worked with many high powered executives to help them achieve their goals faster.  Unravel troublesome personal issues and create powerful changes.

Coach Supervision was a natural extension of his desire to delve into the meta journey, and examine the true causes of reoccurring issues.  His work with Shouldering Our Share honours his journey of learning what it is to be a healthy and inspiring mentor and man in the world.  Diving into the journey of Spiritual Direction was a return to his roots and an expansion of the space of vulnerable inquiry that he naturally holds.   

In every call with Victor you'll receive a blend of these powerful tools working in harmony which supports you to reach your goals faster, understand your true motivations and create meaningful change in your life.

Victor Harder - Executive Coach

Ready to Create Meaningful Change?

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