Shouldering Our Share aims to assist veterans by providing access to networks of support.

Shouldering Our Share was started as a way for me to work through the sense of responsibility I feel for the damages of war.  Even though I am a pacifist by upbringing and choice I acknowledge that I benefit from the wars that our nation wages.   I wanted to find a way to give back. I wanted to learn what it was to be a healthy man by  being in relation to other healthy men.

I have learned so much about the power of men supporting men through my ongoing work with Ilumen.  In the summer of 2018 I had a traumatic helicopter rescue experience that brings even more compassion for the challenges that traumatic stress causes the body and the journey of recovery.  

Through my coaching and support work with veterans and those who are still serving, I now understand it is a huge journey to have gone to war, become part of a military family and then be returned to the "default" world empty of community support.  It is a process to deal with the mental health and your specific issues.  After war you interpret the world really differently.  It is a monumental journey to overcome that.  One that requires support.

You come to coaching with these issues and concerns about PTSD. We're not there to solve the PTSD, we are there to help you figure out how to create a path forward.

In the past when men returned from war, they were brought to a special space in between the world of war and home.  They were given time to mourn, to cry, to greive the terrible things they had witnessed and done.  Our society has lost the value of mourning and wailing and gnashing of teeth. A healthful reintegration into society provides that space for you to actually hold the brokenness long enough to be able to feel safe and at home.  

Being men together and in conversation together in ways that are meaningful is essential to the integration of your past and present self. 

If you are struggling with your life post war...

I invite you to engage with mens work on a deeper level with me through Ilumen and their weekly calls.

Who Is Shouldering Our Share?

Victor has been involved in the improvement of people for over 30 years.

With a background in IT Management, and Leadership he started his coaching career in 2009 after experiencing the power of being coached himself.  Since then he's worked with many high powered executives to help them achieve their goals faster.  Unravel troublesome personal issues and create powerful changes.

Coach Supervision was a natural extension of his desire to delve into the meta journey, and examine the true causes of reoccurring issues.  His work with Shouldering Our Share honours his journey of learning what it is to be a healthy and inspiring mentor and man in the world.  Diving into the journey of Spiritual Direction was a return to his roots and an expansion of the space of vulnerable inquiry that he naturally holds.   

In every call with Victor you'll receive a blend of these powerful tools working in harmony which supports you to reach your goals faster, understand your true motivations and create meaningful change in your life.

Victor Harder - Executive Coach

Ready to Create Meaningful Change?

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